Quotes Volume 2 of Relationships and Other Stuff focuses on women. The book is divided into five parts: Being a Woman Means... Truly Understanding that Love is Unconditional; Confidence and Wisdom; Being Fearless in Love; Finding a Special Muse in Yourself and Others; and Finding Peace within Yourself to Become More Complete and Independent. In sections contains poems and short stories about ourselves and the women (a few special men too) that have given our lives depth and meaning. The stories shared vary. My two favourites are Jelly Shoes and the Tyranny of My Mother by Libby Cudmore and Knitting-Part One by Niama Leslie Williams. In Jelly Shoes and the Tyranny of My Mother, the author goes to a retro party and is reminded of the strictness and unfairness of her mother. However, by the end of the piece, the author comes to realize that maybe, just maybe, her mother had a point about those silly jelly shoes. I think as we grow up and have our own children, we all have a few of those "aha" Quotes
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Volume 2 of Relationships and Other Stuff focuses on women.

Quotes "Relationships and Other Stuff" is the first book in a series on relationships. The relationships written about in this book are about love. As the majority of us have experienced, not all love relationships turn out the way that we expect them to or hope that they do. When they end, we are left having been changed in some way by our experiences. Of course not all changes are for the better, as we see some people who become bitter or close themselves off for fear of being hurt again. Others use these experiences as lessons learned in life and move on to happier times. This book contains a collection of true stories that don't always have the "and they lived happily ever after" endings. These stories are real, and heartfelt. They are written by people from all walks of life. In matters of the heart, I think that most of us can relate to love and the angst that can come with it. Some of the stories and poetry inspire hope; others teach some very valuable lessons. I definitely found some Quotes
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"Relationships and Other Stuff"