Relationships And Other Stuff: True Stories About Relationships


Based on various commentaries, non-fiction stories and poems about relationships, as it relates to romance, and other related life lessons. A very honest and sometimes humorous look at relationships both good, bad and everything in between. Introspective views of relationships and all the "stuff" that we have to deal with in the process. There's always lessons to be learned; in this journey called life, expect the unexpected. Stories and poems contributed by: Jade Black, Natasha K Black, Elizabeth Casto, David Mark Dannov, Jesse Elder, Lake Fowler, Anna Gillespie, Rhonda Green, Jamie A. Triplin-Hines, Frank J Hopkins, Rene Jackson, Michael J Kahmann, Nina Ki, Nick Kloppenberg, Kevin Lee Lewis, Sonja Ljubinkovic, Rose Marie Mayfield, Zachary McCuen, Elizabeth McNamara, Jessica Merrow, Lawrence E Mintz, Dillon Mullenix, Benjamin Nardolilli, Thomas Watsen, Lloyd Nivens III, and Natasha Brooks

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