Relationships And Other Stuff Vol 3: True Stories And Poems From Men


It is the heart of a man, and even many men that can inspire others to look at life more closely, especially in their own relationships. Relationships are what help us grow as people. It is our relationships especially with family and friends that influence us the most. These individuals function as role models of sorts that help to craft our personalities and characteristics that make us unique for the good or the bad. The focus of this book is to focus on the true stories and poems from men of all different ages. Many of the stories discuss stories and poems about relationships that are more spiritual and personal to the heart. There are also some stories here that appeal to the humorous side, hoping to give you a smile and showing the more humorous side to relationships that impact our lives regardless of how small or great in significance. This book will not have romantic stories about romance, but rather more about the inner turning point in each man’s life and what or who helped to change them to move in a more positive direction in life. If you believe that anyone is capable of change and that sometimes just a little inspiration from someone or something can make a world of a difference than you will enjoy the stories and poems presented in this book.

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